My portfolio page is finished as well as all certificates! Yay!

My portfolio page is finished as well as all certificates! Yay!


Yay! After 7 months of non-stop coding (from march 16th) I finally finished all 6 modules in FreeCodeCamp (+1 from the legacy curriculum). Every item is done! Phew!

I’m showing you my portfolio page so anyone curious about the projects can have a look:

It’s been a cool experience and I learnt A LOT.

Happy coding, campers!


Well done SpaniardDev, that’s some achievement. Your Portfolio page looks fantastic!

I’ve only been coding 2 months, but if I have anywhere near those skills in 7 months, I’d be very happy! :slightly_smiling_face: I’m just about to start the Pomodoro clock challenge and checked yours out - it’s brilliant! Very creative.

What’s your plan now? Are you applying for jobs, freelancing or something else?


Dude, that’s so awesome! Your landing-page proves it’s own claim. The animation and parallax, the hover events for projects … Very nice. One thing I noticed is that you linked to the codepen projects which still included the testing suite. I don’t know whether that was intentional, but it presents every visitor who’s clicking through the alert box if they’re using Firefox. Even on chrome, the testing suite is still visible on every project, including the portfolio. If you buy some namespace and host the testing-suite-free versions off of codepen, it will look more professional.

Once again, great accomplishment and amazing time frame. I admire your dedication and stamina!


@umbauk Thank you! I’m sure you’ll do great in 7 months :slight_smile:

Now it’s time for me to start applying for a job and work on my own projects. Let’s see how it goes… :smiley:

@vipatron Thank you very much! Yeah, I left the testing suite so everyone can check the user stories are fulfilled. I’ll host them on Github without the testing suite or maybe under my domain name in the future. I’ve done it like this by the moment because I was focusing on freecodecamp mainly.

Thank you guys!


Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what your future holds :sunglasses:


Thank you! I can’t wait either! :smiley:


I’m really impressed with your achievement @SpaniardDev, as my aspirations are quite similar to yours. I wish you all the best in you future endeavours. Let us know when you find a job. Regards!


@SpaniardDev Your portfolio and projects look great, good luck on the job hunt!


Hola, es un magnifico trabajo. Una pregunta para aprenderl código esta muy bien aquí en FreeCodeCamp, pero las habilidades de diseño. Dónde me recomiendas estudiar?

Felicidaddes por tu trabajo, es grandioso.


Thank you very much @gorniczy! I’ll let you know as soon as I find a job :slight_smile:


Thanks @doubleUTF! Hope I have luck on the job hunting!! :smiley:


Gracias @marco3islas! Yo he aprendido todo sólo, con videotutoriales en Internet. No sabría decirte dónde estudiar diseño, sinceramente. En YouTube tienes muy buenos vídeos, la verdad. Suerte!


I just started two weeks ago with FCC, but I hope I will achieve at least a quarter of your portfolio page in 7 months. Very impressive and a bit jealous :wink:!


Your projects look great. Congratulations! and good luck :slight_smile:


@rogierv Thank you! You’ll do better! Good luck on your adventure.


@shimphillip thank you very much! Good luck to you too!


Hey @SpaniardDev,
Your projects look amazing.

I love your design and color sense.

All the best for the job hunting. :+1:


Looks amazing, and all your projects do as well! :slight_smile:

I’ve gotta ask - how do you go about doing the designs with SVG? I like the animations you have in your Pomodoro timer. Do you use Illustrator or other software for doing SVG and then import it into your project? How much time does that take (for this specific project) if you don’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:


Thank you very much @aditya_p!!


@Gigusek Thanks! I used Inkscape for the most part because my OS is Linux —so no Adobe. I had to boot into Windows sometimes to use Illustrator though, because of the complexity of some illustrations. Nothing too complex in any case! :smiley:

As for the time… I don’t really know as most projects have various SVG and I didn’t time it, sorry.