My Portfolio Project. Feedbacks welcomed

My Portfolio Project. Feedbacks welcomed


Hello all fellow campers,

Portfolio project completed and awaiting all your feedbacks.
My Portfolio

Regards, Aby


Hey @abyabrkal,
Your Portfolio project is decent and very nice.
I liked that you added **Up coming ** projects part which really looks good .
All the Best :smile:


Have you tried to open it on your phone? I think it’s not responsive…


Hey ,
I do agree that its not at all Mobile responsive .So its better to use bootstrap or @media(css) to make it responsible.


Thanks @bhat01 @Stivis.
I will keep that in mind.
After a lot of redesigning the layout many a times over, I fixed my target for medium display design only to have an initial version. And, I took a break once i got a decent structure in medium display ready.

Actually, I didn’t think of responsive design yet. But, I will work on making it responsive. Thanks for feedback.


Do you have any recommendations on making the images and text more responsive?


Yes ofcourse @rheechashaipu,
As i mentioned above it would be better if he uses Bootstrap or @media