My portfolio site. suggestions are appreciated

My portfolio site. suggestions are appreciated



Hi, So far the portfolio is looking really good and you managed to make an actual webpage hosted on GitHub pages so that is even better. The page is responsive and the colour choices are nice and simple. Just a couple of small things

  • For your programming languages what exactly do the percentages mean? Is it meant to show how much of your time programming overall in that language?

  • If you are using other languages like C and Python you might as well put those projects in there as well instead of just Front End Development projects unless this portfolio is solely for web development?

  • Your nav bar has headings (HOME, ABOUT…) so maybe its a good idea to put those headings in the actual page too so then it is explicit which part of the page the link is taking you

  • For the projects how do you intend to caption the project? You have space for a screenshot but no space for explaining what the project is

  • Maybe move your photo to the first section just under the "Hello … " text that way you immediately associate a name with a face without scrolling down

  • Some small punctuation mistakes in the <DAWOOD SHAHAT/> section for example it should be " I read on the internet" instead of “i read on the internet”

  • Ad block stops font awesome buttons from appearing so your media icons won’t show for anyone with ad block unless they turned that block off. You might want to look into a workaround

Hope that helps.


Thank you very much for the suggestions. I will look into what you said but about the last point i have my adblocker on every time but it doesn’t block the font-awesome icons.


I have adblock plus on and that does block it


so what’s the workaround?


try looking at these