My Portfolio ver.1, Please Review This

My Portfolio ver.1, Please Review This


the URL is :

Okay, so I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I should publish this version or not, however, it might be very helpful to get valuable feedback here.

So, thoughts…?

** Few things happened when I deployed the project:
a) in the 1st project section with the cards, I had a ‘hero pattern’ behind the card which was basically SVG file that hasn’t got into the build folder.
b) also in the cards, when hovering a card, other card’s icons are being effected as well.

Those are not major issues and I’ll be able to fix them without hassle.


Is there a problem with my topic or body of the content ? If there is, please let me know.
I’d really value any opinion. thanks!


Hey it looks pretty good :slight_smile: with nice UI.

I would get screenshots of your apps and add them as background images of your projects.



In general, I like the design and color scheme.

The arrow does not always activate the action when pressed.

I also think that you need to remove the “More Projects” section and add more examples with the visual component such as “Linda” to the “My Latest Works” section.


Thank you for the input.

I see that the additional project section may be unnecessary and not beneficial.

What is your opinion on the Contact section in the bottom, is it sufficient enough? not too much negative space?

And would that be smart to add an About section instead of the 3rd ‘more projects’ section?



I would remove some of the text from the contacts section and add an email form.

I agree that it is better to add an “about” section. Then you probably need to remove the text at the beginning and add some sort of javascript animation