My Portfolio Webpage - Looking for constructive feedback

My Portfolio Webpage - Looking for constructive feedback


Hi All,

Hope you are all doing well. Here is my portfolio project:

I just finished the My Portfolio Webpage project. I spent quite a large amount of time looking through different templates, ideas and tried to implement them with the best knowledge that I have. I use mainly bootstrap 4 and fontawesome for styling.

Please, any feedback from anyone is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Hi @buihdk!

Thanks for sharing. Have you referenced any images? Because I don’t see any.



All the images should all be there. What browser are you using?


I’m using Safari, but I also tried to load your page on Chrome and Firefox — same problem.


I am using Chrome and I see the following for the Codepen link you posted.


Thank you for your responses guys… I am not sure why the pictures are not loaded correctly. If you look into the code, the urls for the pictures still work fine.
sidebar photo:
main photo:

Does anyone know what the issue is? :frowning:


Hi @buihdk,

Your portfolio page looks nice.
About the images, I noticed that the source for your images is set to: “”.
I guess you simply forgot to change it to the correct URL. Please double check your portfolio section in your html code.
Hope it helps, and great job anyway :slight_smile: