My Technical Documentation page is done!

My Technical Documentation page is done!


So I chose to go with this as my first project. It was really rewarding to complete it, I have been coding for a little over a month now and it is so exiting to gain new skills.

Let me know your thoughts…


Nice job. Another project that makes me feel like I should go and redo my own.

Only issue I have is that when the screen gets too small I can’t read the text. Maybe my eyes are just bad. I don’t know if another media query when the screen gets really small that fixes the font size to the smallest I can comfortably read would help me.

Or maybe I shouldn’t be shrinking my screen that small.



I adjusted my media query to bump up the font size a bit.


Very nice, good job.

My only criticism is the font scaling based only on viewport width. I get the appeal of it, but without controlling it more it leads to very inconsistent font sizes. Take a look at fluid typography to see what can be done to make it less uncontrolled.

One more thing, the hover effects on the links seems a little janky, I think it’s caused by the changes to the border.

Also, I would not recommend doing this.

* {
  transition: all ease-out 250ms;

Anyway, very nice page.


Thanks, will give the article a thorough reading.
could you elaborate as to why you don’t recommend the use of:

* {
  transition: all ease-out 250ms;

Thank you for your feedback


It combines two bad practices into one.

The universal selector should be used sparingly, and so should “transition: all”. Both can lead to unexpected behavior and performance issues. Target the element you want the transition on and target the properties you want to transition.

I know it’s a lot more work, but it’s just better that way.


Thanks, I am only using it on one element so I can change that pretty easy.