My tribute page_Charles Babbage

My tribute page_Charles Babbage


Hello friends,

Below is the link to my tribute page. Please check it out.

Here is the link-

I really appreciate all the feedbacks.



Hi Upasana,

Is it possible to give a little of margin (left-right), because it’s kinda spread to the sides. Just my opinion no offense I liked it.



Hello Egmeier,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I guess you are right, giving some margin will make it better. i will do that change.

Thanks again,


@Egmeier Please review my pen again. I have made the changes. Please do let me know if you find anything else that I can improve. Thanks!


Hi Upasana,
your tribute page appeals to me. But in my opinion the rotating bullet-points are distracting and they don’t give the page more value.


Take a look my good friend @upasana, I’ve made some little changes to your original pen, hope you like it. Click me :slight_smile: