My Tribute Page: Feedback wanted/welcome

My Tribute Page: Feedback wanted/welcome


Hello all!


Thanks for viewing my page. It’s not much, very simple. I’d like to add to it but I don’t want to continue down the wrong path if I’m on it hahah. Please let me know what you think :slight_smile: I have not touched html/css or any web dev since 2007. I’m excited to hear your comments.



Hi Derek,

I really like your tribute page, you already used a lot of stuff you learned during FreeCodeCamp(grid template for bootstrap, lists,…) I see.
I think you can continue with this :slight_smile:




Thank you @NMU21 for taking a second to reply :slight_smile: I appreciate your feedback!


Keep going, because I think that is the right path. :smile:


Thanks @Barbosabyte, I appreciate it!