My Tribute Page is Here!

My Tribute Page is Here!


Hello to everyone.
Here is my first work. :rofl:
I tried to use everything I learned .Frankly I had a lot of fun while working on this page :dancer:
Maybe I can make a few adjustments in Timeline.
I look forward to your ideas. :watermelon: :cherry_blossom:
Thanks!! :slight_smile:



Nice work Sevgi, I liked the animations!

You might have already noticed, but the edges of the flask become distorted when it shakes.

This could be fixed by using an SVG instead of a PNG (not 100%).

Also, when you shrink the window, the video becomes cut off. Perhaps this could be solved by placing the video above the timeline?


You went above and beyond with this tribute page! Your design is beautiful on desktop.

In terms of your HTML, it could be cleaned up a bit. But the closing tags </table> and </div>s (like on line 47) split onto separate lines. It increases the readability of the code. On line 53, you have some styles in-line. It’s generally better practice to separate all styles in your CSS, so I would add those attributes into your CSS section.

Overall, I would recommend attempting to redesign the mobile version of the page. Instead of having to scroll right to see more of the page, I would recommend <class="col-xs-12 col-md-6> so that they are more responsive.

Read up on HTML and CSS best practices, otherwise your design and content kick ass! You’re definitely ready to move onto more projects!


First of all, thank you for reviewing my page and your advice :slight_smile: I put it as an example because I can not find any svg format pictures like I want. But this deterioration makes itself felt.:roll_eyes:

By the way , for video I will have to do a responsive work for the bottom of the page.

Also thank you for your attention, friend :blush:



You are really very careful. (I’m talking about CSS) :sweat_smile:
Thank you for checking out my code and for giving me a clue. I could not look here in time so I returned late. You are right about my page’s mobile compatibility. I will fix my page as soon as possible. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your valuable feedback :cherry_blossom:



Hi Sevgi,

In case you ever decide to use SVG’s, it’s relatively easy to convert images/vectors from the web using Illustrator.

Keep up the good work!


Hi, friend! :slight_smile: Thank you for this tip. I got a better image using SVG in my page. I wish you a good day. :sunflower:



Hi Sevgi,

I found a solution to your image problem! Add the class ‘anti-alias’ to your image tag and then add this style:

outline: 1px solid transparent

No more jagged edges, at least on Firefox :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help. I applied the solution. The picture is in good condition :cherry_blossom: