My tribute page "Steven Hawking"

My tribute page "Steven Hawking"


I just finished my project for the tribute page, my subject of choice was Steven Hawking.
Please have a quick look and if you have time or inclination any critique will be graciously accepted.
My Tribute page


Great tribute to a true legend!

This is well-built, and uses a good variety of HTML elements. You might want to figure out a way to make the text less wide. There are a number of ways to do this using width - and you can come back and do this later once you’ve learned Bootstrap or Flexbox.


Thank you, good point about the full width text block, I have added a 10px padding, do you think that is enough?
I worry that on a small device more than that will be too much.
Thanks again.


Yes - this looks better. Keep up the forward momentum with your projects :slight_smile: