My unbeatable Tic Tac Toe game based on the movie WarGames

My unbeatable Tic Tac Toe game based on the movie WarGames


This was a fun project. I was inspired by the movie WarGames to make an unbeatable and quirky AI.

Let me know what you think!


That is beyond perfect!


Thank you! I worked hard on it!


I see in your code, you return 1 to the setTimeout function for getting the text to type - but I can’t work out where this value is used. What’s this used for?


That’s actually an artifact left over from spending far too many post midnight hours on this. I think I was using that code somewhere else and having it return 1 (true) if something. But I can’t remember what now.


Last move and final board is not displayed - after the last move should be some delay so user can see how the game ended.


I agree with @jenovs, also it doesn’t work for me on Firefox (windows 10). But seriously, super awesome!


Ah. I didn’t think anyone would be bothered by that. Thanks for the heads up.


I made it so the last board screen stays visible and displays a line through it if the computer wins as per your suggestion. Thanks! @jenovs @BenGitter


Nice! BTW: any idea why the game isn’t working on Firefox (win10).


Awesome! Wish I’d thought of this.


So the issue was that I’m using some little CSS hacks to make everything responsive. I don’t use Firefox, so I didn’t know it was an issue. After playing with a few things I was able to fix it. It should work in Firefox now. Thanks for the heads up! @BenGitter

If you’re curious about the code, it’s on my github.


So cool, and it’s definitely unbeatable. One of my favorite FCC projects so far.