Need advice - I've been told that web development will be a dead career

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Hi, I need advice from people in regards to pursuing a career in web development at this point in time, I hope to hear some answers from people who are experienced.

So long story short, I have been programming on my own for a year now and have always wanted to work as a developer after I graduate. I finally in my final trimester and soon going to hit the path for choosing a career, I had a talk with my dad who discourages me to enter the field cuz it will be a dead job.

Now my dad is someone who has been in the i.t industry for almost 25 years and has worked as a software developer before. He holds a high position and is currently working as an I.T architect at a large enterprise. His point of view is that the field is dying, and web developers would only last for 10 years at most.

He told me his team has already worked on producing codeless enterprise websites which will put web developers out of job and tried to convince me to do cybersecurity instead as its a new field.

I feel v discourage by what he told me because all the while I enjoy coding and love what I do. I already am anxious about job hunting and now I have to worry about what he told me.


I sincerely doubt that you were going to work as a simple web developer your whole life. So, considering the fact that web developer job isn’t dead yet - and suggesting that any programmer can change his field at any time, cause programming is about the same things in any field - just say screw this and keep doing what you are doing and what you like the most.


I think there goes on some misunderstanding about web design and web development.

Even if design part of the job goes away, if you were actual developer, it means you were programming, and with that you can easily switch to not web-development programming in matter of few months, since you will have all the bases covered in your past programming experience.

Nope it wasn’t a misunderstanding on the difference , there are really A.I that generate websites based on the user requirements. my dad told me about one of his team even starting working on generating enterprise mobile app based on react native.

Theres also alot of talk about it online if you search if A.I going to replace web development.

But yes i agree programming is a career u can switch , but there are limited sub fields and all require specific knowledge. A.I needs heavy maths for example.

Sounds to me like your dad has a hammer, and assumes everything is a nail. Work for 10 years, retire early, then come back to found a company that does whatever you want. It’s a pretty good look to come back out of retirement at 35 because you want to.

No, he has a concern because of what he sees, and he didn’t retire.

An IT architect is one of the highest most respected fields to be in and is well versed in the current trend on I.T in many things.

So i respect his point of view, but I think he just doesn’t see that web dev isn’t just learning how to develop websites. But learning how to program well.

In his eyes, programming is a level 1 skill. And I can’t really argue with him, cuz he set coding test for people to enter the company he is in and set a high bar.

Either, he is too caught up with how people treat “developers” in my country or forgot how difficult it is to build up programming foundations to be good.

No, dude: I was saying - let’s assume for a minute that your dad is correct: You can be a web developer for 10 years. Go forth and earn for a decade, developing seniority and a commensurate paycheck. Save your money - don’t waste it. Buy a small house, a reasonable car, and let’s say he’s right, and the industry is dead in 10 years. Fine. You’re set - but after playing video games on the couch for 3 months, you get bored and sit back down at the keyboard. You develop an idea for an app. It makes a reasonable income. That’s YOU: coming back out of retirement with 10 years of experience being an entrepreneur.

Your dad knows what he knows, I meant no disrespect. But his specialization is also his weakness: it warps his vision. I take it English isn’t your first language, so look up what I mean when I say, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”. Your dad loves you and wants you to have stability and security. But like many people from more traditional cultures (as an Asian, I can attest to this), he doesn’t imagine that paths other than his can be fruitful.

Laptops have basically maxed out their CPU/RAM because the vast majority of people use “Someone Else’s Computer” (Server/cloud) to do the bulk of their processing. Who writes the code for applications that used to be accomplished on the desktop? Web devs, that’s who. Why is Google a serious threat to Microsoft? They’re not writing OSes, they’re replacing the need for much of the software suite which was the cash cow.

One last note: just because your dad is wrong about one thing doesn’t mean he’s wrong about all his advice. EVERYONE should take security seriously. It should be baked into every aspect of web app. Understanding things like TLS, XSS, and authentication will not only make you a dutiful Netizen and architect of code, but it will make you a more valuable asset who can command a higher salary.


While I doubt your dad is right.

Who can really say anything about what the world will look like in 10 years? Your world, my world, the world. For all we know, it might all end tomorrow. My point is if you like something and want to work with it, do it and enjoy yourself for as long as it lasts. Planning for your future is all well and good, just don’t lose “the now” planning for “the future”.

If you like cybersecurity then it is possible to learn while still working as a web developer.


Ah thank you for your advice , sorry that i didn’t understand your initial response. I get what you mean , i don’t think my dad is wrong in fact its the opposite , i fear that because he is right i may be going down the wrong path and because he has a lot of experience in the field and was a software developer before i hate that he is right , and i think its something i have to accept.

I took a degree in cyber security with some cs subjects , and i realize i love coding . So i I self teach myself web development and brush up my skills consistently and build my own personal projects. I am anxious of whether i can get a job in the field , but i try to be persistent and push on.

he didn’t stop me but he say things that really discourages me like how web development is view as grunt work with lots of outsourcing. It make me feel doubtful about myself, i not blaming him about that because i know

the more i hear about these things the more i doubt myself and my own skills which i try to build on, my biggest fear is that what if all my own effort is viewed as trash work when i show my projects to my future employee and come out as a joke because they will tell me " i can hire someone cheaper than u " which my dad like to say.

I also agree security is important , and i hope its something i can market myself when i build apps in the future

Which country are you writing from? Also, if outsourcing were as big a risk as people think, why does Silicon Valley exist? I’m fairly sure Apple, Facebook, Google, and others import talent, not the other way around.

I am from Singapore , and there inst a big pool of local developers here , people either go to more advanced field or be managers. Its a common thing companies hire cheaper talent then quality developers here based on what alot people say.

Also actually if im not wrong silicon valley companies are moving away from web development and into other fields such as A.I or game dev with alot of c++ coding etc, its very rare that they take in someone who just do web dev.

Anw i’m actually open to all fields of programming , and just looking into web dev as a start of a programming career, cuz i know this is what i love to do which is programming.

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Wait: do you think web development is website design? Also, do you also think it is just Javascript? Most of Facebook’s backend is PHP. You can generally write a toold in whatever language meets the need. There are two costs: execution time cost, and programming time cost. One is measured in time, the other in dollars.

No of course not , i am unsure why alot people assume that . I am familiar with DB and how the backend works. I coded in java etc as well, and work on backend systems before.

I’m also aware of facebook backend being implemented in PHP. But the point is that , all those things we are familiar with are going to be changed according in future to my dad, by automation and a.i. Even backend is starting to shift Like have u heard about server less architecture?. Firebase? etc.

anw i think the topic is going out of scope , i will just continue pursuing web development and hope for the best.

The key thing, in my opinion, is that you should learn to program. That’s it. And based on what you have written above, you know already the basics or perhaps more than the basics of course.

You can pick up Web programming, machine learning, or cybersecurity or anything PROGRAMMING related if you know the basics. And the best part is that you can switch from one field of programming to another with not a whole lot of effort because the core principals remain the same.

Whatever you gain from the experience of web development will not go in drain even if the web development gets replaced by AI 100%. You can be an AI engineer after web development dies (in 3 - 4 months of practice perhaps, given you have 3 - 4 years of programming related experience). Not a big deal I guess.

Don’t worry about it, you are totally fine. These are very similar fields after all.

I know this question as probably been answered to death but I’m gonna throw my 2 cents in anyway.

No offense but whoever told you that doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Successful companies will always pay top dollar for the best talent no matter where you go. If anything it’s going to be more competitive and definitely not a dead career.

At the end of the day, what determines your value in a career field is your creativity. If you can adapt to changes, spot new opportunities and come up with clever solutions then you’ll always be safe.

People might see site builders like square space or something and think that you don’t need to hire programmers anymore, but someone has to build and maintain square space.

Even if AI takes most web developer jobs, businesses are always going to need custom software to implement through some kind of interface.

There is so much cool new tech now that people haven’t even figured out how to adopt in the browser yet. VR, neural networks, blockchain, and all kinds of things.

Long story short I wouldn’t worry about it.


i appreciate what you say , and i also thought about that and brought that point up to my dad which you mentioned actually . But i am unsure why my dad disagree he say those are different sub fields, and i cant just simply switch, like data science need statistics background etc.

I apologize if i sound as if i am defending what my dad is saying and just agreeing with him. But because he has a lot of experience in the field , it puts me at a difficult decision to think about. I will try to do what i can and continue to love programming

Serverless architecture doesn’t eliminate the need for developers. I had to look up Firebase since I’m not too familiar with it, and you’re raising a new concern re: automation. So, I watched this video for beginners showing how to build a simple app. It reduces but does not eliminate work, and to use it successfully, even to build a butt-ugly app, you still need to be fairly well versed in programming fundamentals.

As for the reduction of work caused by serverless architecture, it seems that it shifts backend/IT work to those function providers, and DRYs out the labor pool by collecting them at those providers instead of in every company.

So, yes, even the people who code the machines are put out of work by automation, but that’s a global problem, and not specific to one field. Even doctors and lawyers will be replaced to a large part, and the conversation about global unemployment and allocation of the productivity benefits is one we’re not having yet, nor is this the correct forum for that.

Edit: I really want to thank you for pointing me to Firebase. It may well save me from learning React Native.

One thing is certain, you must not just work with what you’ve learned so far.
You should constantly keep an eye on the latest trends and where will the industry be moving. And that means you will have to keep learning and learning along with your career.

If your dad is scared that you won’t be investing the time in learning, then he may be right :smile:

I have also planned to learn mathematics for this only purpose. I won’t be rushing it, but it’s something on my todo list.
(I’m not a CS graduate, so I don’t have any background in mathematics, which is very necessary for being a better programmer)

You just have to be a student for life, and it will be fine.

Hm not that i disagree with you, but my dad himself is a I.T architect and works for a top company with 25 years experience as has worked as a developer before. If someone you know of that level say something like this , its very hard to disagree u know what i mean?.

But i agree with your points , end of the day web dev isnt just web development its programming skills you build up on and those new things give opportunities for developers.