Need advice - I've been told that web development will be a dead career

Need advice - I've been told that web development will be a dead career

Web development is programming. A good Web developer is a polyglot who has mastered a lot of different technologies and concepts. It’s actually a pretty difficult pursuit and I empathize with people who are trying to transition to it as an initial career.

Career prospects are relative to your location. In the US there is strong demand for web development and I see no sign that this will be changing any time soon.

Microprocessor design and manufacturing engineering was once a strong career path in the US. Now with almost all manufacturing of high tech having moved to China, Korea and elsewhere, what was once a blue chip career is no longer in high demand in the states.

My advice to you is to get a foothold into the industry as a developer, since that career leads to opportunities across the spectrum of IT. Most good programmers can master, infosec, system administration, Devops, and network engineering, whereas, someone who is only a specialist in one of those other careers very likely would be unable to find work in any of those other specialties.

The important thing is that you are curious, and enjoy learning. IT and development have one constant – they are changing constantly. If you have strong computer science fundamentals, you will be able to adapt to the constant changes, but you need to keep learning throughout your careers and those people who fall by the wayside are often those who really never enjoyed the challenge of learning in the first place. They get burned out because you can’t sit on your laurels as a developer, but conversely that is what many people enjoy about it as a career.

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This advice is awesome. Thanks a lot

Learn the fundamentals programming which will never be obsolete. As for a dead career, your father should consider it instead to be an evolving career. frameworks come and go. The core doesn’t.

Also I’m a singaporean as well. I have a lot of friends and family who tend to speak in absolutes. Don’t be dissuaded.

This is actually a huge concern. Many companies outsource much of their development to cut costs and the net result is there is less demand for junior-intermediate jobs in the US and only really specialized or highly skilled/experienced devs can survive. But if you stick with it for long enough and are flexible in your learning you can adapt hopefully. The problem is if ai takes out web dev completely then it can also take out 90% of other jobs tbh and at that point we have a massive economics problem.

They, Can’t See You Grow. That’s the only Reason.

Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Yes I’m sure there is something that can create website way high up there with all the bells and whistles. Sounds kinda expensive.

We also have flying cars and have had them for multiple decades. No ones uses them.

Frankly any new business who only have $1000.00 budget for there website isn’t going to purchase some high level AI BS…

Little background I work for the Government and run there Medicare site and also am a freelance web designer as a side gig.

Every coder starts in web development and moves up. I went the I.T. Project Management route but still love designing websites.

In 2 years technology will change according to Gordon’s rule which has been accurate for like 50 years. It will change every two years after that.

Web development will never die it will only evolve. Your dad is fear mongering you into a higher paid position. Typical parent stuff man. Coding is coding.

I can develop a website but I’m also pretty good at JAVA, PHP, SQL and many more. You can’t start high level dude you don’t know the playground yet. No pun intended towards SWIFT.

Web development is the fun stuff and I ALWAYS suggest you start there.

Hey, I too am from singapore… Could use a fellow locals’ advice especially when your dad has been in the field for long… I’m considering between mobile/web application and Cyber Security… What are your thoughts? I haven’t reaaaally decided on what I really want. . . Could use your input on this

Both are good , just do what u like most i end up going with coding in the end . Currently i am attached to thought works jump start program something u can check out as well

No one can predict what the job market will be like. When I was in high school, I wanted to study programming. The prestigious tech university I applied to accepted me and even granted me scholarship. Then I listened to some idiot’s advice. He told me com-sci graduates were having a difficult time finding work due to outsourcing to India, downward trend in the tech industry blah blah blah.

Long story short, I chose a ‘safe’ career path only for the industry to completely implode (not due to AI, due to a bunch of other socio-economic and political factors). We saw declining wages, especially for new graduates, dwindling job opportunities, and increasingly bad working conditions… All the ‘perks’ of the profession we were promised - gone. Meanwhile, I missed out on the huge tech boom when the ‘app’ became a thing. Worst of all, I didn’t even enjoy the career path I chose.

Don’t choose based on ‘job market’ because you can’t predict it. Those who choose ‘job security’ over what they enjoy will end up with neither… which kinda reminds me of that other saying: those who choose ‘security’ over freedom deserve neither.


It’s your dad’s fault, then. :slight_smile:

Hi everyone I been moving forward from my decision since then, attended a 12-week Bootcamp from a software consultant company after I graduated from school. Never regretted my decision. Appreciate the replies

I’m glad you found your own path.

Yep it’s dead, been around long enough to even change my career, in the corporate world these jobs are fully staffed and your easily expendable, rather persue systems, cloud or server backend, days are gone making websites, when u got Wix and other Pre created website generators and cheap outsourcing from India to take your job for less money.

The question is “what is web development”. How is it defferent from Front-end web development with job listing showing up everday.

wix and pre website generators only lets you create simple and common functionality they are not meant to replace custom features and apps.

There is also a difference between a web app and a web site. Front end is still v relevant and the complexity of it has gone more advanced with redux / graphql .

I posted a month ago i already went on and pursue it.

Hey Balan, have you found a job yet?

still job hunting atm, been 3 weeks having 1 interview every week so its not bad.

Are you restricted to your local postings, or are you looking for remote posts too?

i will dm you about it

Nonsens here’s why
(From someone who keeps up with AI)
there’s a shortage of 300.000 programmers world width
it’s expected to be over a 1 milion in the future
dude you be fine
if you are talking about AI taking over then it’s going to be jobs like shop clerks, cleaners we already can see the selfscan machines in or stores and with websites will be automated more but, with the knowledge you have you will be easy to learn a programmer languagse like Python C+ etc and higher end jobs like that will be asked more
country’s like the USA are expecting a big shortage in the near future of high schooled educated employees. take the job or stay in it businesses want to keep up with technology so you will be having the chance to get on top of it. bosses if your lucky will pay for there employees to be educated
source: bussines insider