Need Help on Hello World

Need Help on Hello World


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Hello, im new to coding could use some help. currently stuck on the first step i have replace the H1 with Hello World on open & closed for H1

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<"Hello World">Hello</"Hello World">

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you need to use the h1 tags, and only change the text “Hello” to “Hello World”


thank you!. now realize not to touch the brackets.


:slightly_smiling_face:no problem

Basic HTML and HTML5 - Uncomment HTML

you can (and should in the end) touch the bracket. But if you want to change the text, you have to change the text in between the two tags :slight_smile: . the brackets make it easier for the reader to make sense of your work as well as it provides some semantics :smiley: . Happy coding!


I am new here and am stuck on this first project.
I want to go to the next project.
I need help please.


Where are you stuck? =) I can help you I think


I am also having trouble with this initial test. I have input the words Hello World in between the brackets. However, when I hit run test, nothing happens other than it saying running test. I don’t get the option to submit. Is the site running slow at the moment?