Need help with project technology , kindly guide

Need help with project technology , kindly guide



I have been trying to learn javasccript here at FCC and have been able to grasp some things, i also learned to do data connectivity with NodeJs …

Learned a bit of bootstrap as well …

I have an offer to work on a project which will require a multipage dynamic application that can be implemented on both desktop and mobile platforms …

Can you guys suggest what topics i need to focus on to achieve it , i have till 31st march to prepare …

As angular 2 is single page app , what can help me to make multipage apps …

A bit confused , kindly suggest …



I am really not experienced to give you a good technical advice on the matter, but if you for sure know two things: 1)Will be using Angular 2) Application will be Multipage. It seems there are a few resources out there discussing this particular situation:

If I were in your shoes, I would probably double down on Angular, go through a few courses on Udemy, Egghead, etc and build couple applications that may mimic the functionality you will be building.


Excellent advice, plus, really focus and get really really good on routing in angular and defining routes for your different files.


@nicandromts @vaidotasp - thanks, i will double down on angular, so you are saying if i work on angular, i will be able to get the objective of multipage dynamic app and also mobile compatible, i just wan to be double sure before i buy courses online …



absolutely. Besides, ionic is compatible with angular. If you need further mobile capabilities, learning Ionic will be helpful, since works wonders with angular


@nicandromts - thanks , i will get to work straight away …


@vaidotasp @nicandromts - hi can you please suggest a good course that you might have found good, there are so many i do not know which one to go for … thanks


I will defer to other campers here, I have really not done any courses on Angular or Ionic. Do not want to recommend anything I have not taken myself :slight_smile:


Any suggestion will be welcome , there are some courses at udemy by Max , are they good , any other choices ? Thanks