Need Help with User GitHub Pages and Projects

Need Help with User GitHub Pages and Projects


I have been trying to figure this out for the past 2 hours and it doesn’t seem like anything is working.

I am able to get the GitHub Page working, which is very straight forward. When it comes to the projects everything just seem to not work. I have made a basic index.html inside

I have followed the instruction on Github article to setup projects using /docs method.

On the Github article it says:

  1. On GitHub, navigate to your GitHub Pages site’s repository. (check)
  2. Under your repository name, click Settings. (check)
  3. Use the Select source drop-down menu to select master or gh-pages as your GitHub Pages publishing source. (THIS IS WHERE THE CONFUSION SETS IN)

The first issue I ran into is that the “Select source drop-down” is grayed out. I cannot change it and it is permanently set to master. Below is an image of what I am talking about.

Since then, I am trying to figure out what the article was saying. I tried many different setups, but none seem to register the projects.

1/ I added a folder called /docs with a sample project page in the master’s root. Didn’t work.
2/ I created a new repository name project with a /docs folder and set that /docs to “master branch /docs folder”. Didn’t work
3/ I created a repository name docs and put the projects inside of it. Didn’t work.
4/ I then took the gh-pages route, didn’t make sense to me.

Then finally!!
5/ I put the project inside the master branch. And it worked!!!

However!! I didn’t want all these projects to cluttered in the root, I wanted to put inside of the docs folder for proper organization.

Has anyone succeed in putting their projects inside docs folder?