Need some help with NODE JS

Need some help with NODE JS


Hi All, I am just creating some website… in which there is a homepage that will have link to list of campgrounds in seperate page… where user can view the info about various camps… I too have a edit/delete button to do some changes (right now its not authorized)… So my problem is, I used a form in edit (edit.ejs) it’s should get into PUT route to do the changes and get the updated done but instead I am getting error page like “Cannot PUT /campground/5b15286f23b5e911d8dc5a56”

github link :

Please help!


I think it would be easier if you could host your app somewhere to debug :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there any cloud space like that? Pls let me know if any…


You have to initialize the method-override package before the campground routes.