Needing help with Python learning

Needing help with Python learning


Hello Everyone,

I am starting to learn Py and I was wondering if there were any resources here at: ‘’ that would allow me to learn it properly?

I used the curriculum option to learn HTMl and CCS (Currently working on JavaSacript) and I thought that the modules delivery was incredible and I wanted to know if there was something like that for Python.

Thank you in advance


FCC does not currently teach Python. If you use the search feature of this forum, you can find several posts where people recommend books and websites for learning Python.


I could suggest you to buy course on Udemy I am giving the link below. I already taken that course I find it very helpful, I would highly recommend you to go for that course!


I am just learning python as well and I found this youtube video/course (5 hours) very useful for a beginner. good luck

Learn Python - Full Course for Beginners


Hello can I get the materials please?


It has been a while but I found “A byte of Python” extremely helpful. It is a free ebook by Swaroop and can be found here:

Good luck!