New for FCC challenge

New for FCC challenge

i cant complete FCC chalange on node.js and express.js because intergrated with aws and cant make free account because i have no credit/debit card.
i thought free code camp truly “free”.
please, anyone, give advice for my situtation…

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Use glitch instead

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get a $20 pre paid credit card - or even less if you can



There is a workaround trick for that, which may be legal, here it goes:

  1. Go to and create a account their(skip, if already have an acccount, u just need to sign in then)
  2. Enroll in cs50 intro to cs.
  3. Go to this site:
  4. Select log in with edx.
  5. Voila!! You have created your account in cloud9 without credit/debit card!!!
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thank you so much :smile:

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