New JS Framework "JDX" (HTML VIDEO)

New JS Framework "JDX" (HTML VIDEO)

JDX stands for JavaScript Dom Index. It is a JavaScript Single Page Application framework that holds index of all Dom elements on page. Its HTML templates have following format

<function name="action">
  (act) => console.log('User action ', act)
<div jd="mydiv">Unclicked</div>
<div onclick = () => {
  this.elements.mydiv.innerHTML = 'Clicked!'
// dynamically generates HTML
  () => {
     let htm = []
     for (...)
        htm.push(html element)

JDX templates allow pure JavaScript functions in events of elements, introduces <function&ft; and <closure> tags. Elements are identified through “jd” property that deprecates invocation of getElementById().

JDX dom index enables instantaneous change of page content. It is even possible to build a mosaic made of DIV elements that plays video with sharper picture than on CANVAS tag.

While JDX has been under development for some time its HTML template parser is quite new. I would like to present it for your review, looking forward to your feedback!

what problem is this framework trying to solve that an alternative doesn’t address?


Heads up displays, instrument panels, any application where instantaneous rendering of content is crucial. For example, a backend application uses OCR on heads up display recording to extract data on its display into columnar form. JDX can display custom HUDs using the extracted data table.

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