Hello everyone,

My name is Alex and I am new to coding, but I’ve wanted to learn how to code. I have messed with HTML but that was in high school, but i still do know the basic of HTML. I still don’t know what i want to focus on with coding. I just want to know where would I start out and why? I am a little shy but once you get me out of my shell I am a totally different person. When i was in college I was learning to do Web Design using C++ and Adobe Dreamweaver, but it just never clicked to me and that is probably due to my professor was teaching us outdated material and it seemed like he was just teaching to get his mulah. I have a buddy who does programming and he recommended me to start with Java but i feel like there should be something else for me to start with before i go into Java. Would like to know your thoughts on that. It is all very interesting to me. Would love to hear the feedback and meeting everyone on FCC.

Peace Love & Unity.


It really depends on what you want to do. Here, we focus on web dev - building web pages on the front end or building servers on the back end. C++ is a good language for building complex apps, but usually isn’t used directly with web dev. Java is a powerful language that is often used for teaching because it reinforces good program design and is so strictly object oriented.

What should you learn? Do some research and find out what various languages are used to build. There are many different languages and many different coding fields - no one language is best choice everywhere.

One one level you could argue that learning to code is learning to code. If you learn one language, the next is easier. If I can crib from Jarhead, “Every programming language is different, every programming language is the same.”


Thank you @kevinSmith for the feedback. I really do appreciate it. I will def read more on what i can do and what interests me.