Nightlife Coordination App Feedback

Nightlife Coordination App Feedback


Hi guys,
I just finished another backend project of FCC - Nightlife Coordinate App. Hope to get some feedbacks from you guys to improve the app.



On a smaller screen (mobile), the map goes away, but there is still an extra vertical scrollbar. If you are not going to show the map, then the extra vertical scrollbar show go away.

Why don’t you make the map appear fixed at the top when on a smaller screen? Then visitors could still view the text descriptions and see the map.

Also, I think you should only show the Profile link when logged in.


Nice! Works as advertised.

You probably already fixed it but I didnt get the scroll wheel showing up on small devices.

That said, The only critique I have is that the email doesnt go anywhere. Clicking on email should probably take you to a profile page. Along with that change, I would replace the profile link with a “nearby” auto search.

Otherwise Grade A! Keep it up! :+1: