No repeats please - code works on jsfiddle, but not on freeCodeCamp

No repeats please - code works on jsfiddle, but not on freeCodeCamp


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My code is working on jsfiddle, passing all the tests, here:

But it’s not working on freeCodeCamp.

Anyone have any idea why?

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//helper method (got this from StackOverflow)
function hasDuplicates(str) {
  var duplicates = (/([a-z])\1/i).test(str)
  return duplicates
//console.log( hasDuplicates('aba') )

function getPermutations(string) {
  if (string.length < 2) {
  	console.log('string.length is less than 2... return string!');
		return string; // This is our break condition

  var permutations = []; // This array will hold our permutations

  for (var i = 0; i < string.length; i++) {
    var character = string[i];

    var current = string.slice(0, i) //adding this
    //console.log('current is: ', current)

    var next = string.slice(i + 1, string.length) //adding this
    //console.log('next is: ', next)

    var remainingString = current + next;
    console.log('remainingString is: ', remainingString)
      //refactoring below line into above:
      //var remainingString = string.slice(0,i) + string.slice(i+1,string.length); //Note: you can concat Strings via '+' in JS

    for (var subPermutation of getPermutations(remainingString)) //calling recursively
      var result = character + subPermutation
      console.log(result, ' gets pushed to permutations')
  console.log('permutations is: ', permutations)
  console.log('permutations.length is: ', permutations.length)
  return permutations;

//var array = getPermutations('aab'); //this is where we call above

//final function, calls functions above:
function permAlone(string) {
	if (string.length === 1) {
  console.log('string.length is 1')
  return 1
  //var array = getPermutations('aab'); //this is where we call above
  var array = getPermutations(string); //this is where we call above
  console.log('array from getPermutations(string) is: ', array)

  var answer = {
    if (hasDuplicates(string) === false) {
    	console.log('removing strings with duplicates')
      return string
  answer = answer.filter(n => n) //filter out null values
  console.log('_______answer is: ', answer)
  console.log('_______answer.length is: ', answer.length)
  return answer.length
permAlone("aab") //should return 2.
//permAlone("aaa") //should return 0.
//permAlone("aabb") //should return 8.
//permAlone("abcdefa") //should return 3600.
//permAlone("abfdefa") //should return 2640.
//permAlone("zzzzzzzz") //should return 0.
//permAlone("a") //should return 1.

//permAlone("aaab") //should return 0.
//permAlone("aaabb") //should return 12.

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You seem to have forgotten braces at this part.

for (var ... of ...) {
  var result = ...;

Then remove the console.log()s because they’ll slow down your code.

You might also consider putting semicolons where there are supposed to be semicolons. Before I found the missing braces I noticed a test case going green when I added them.


Amazing! That did it.

You’re right, the missing braces were causing the tests not to pass, and too many console.log()s were really slowing down the code.

Thanks so much!