Node js Tutorial for an Absolute Noob?

Node js Tutorial for an Absolute Noob?


Hello freecodecampers. I’m trying to do the back end challenges on FCC but I have zero knowledge on node js. Any suggestions on courses that can explain node js to me like I’m 5? I’m currently taking a course on edx (Introduction to node js) and reading on w3schools but I’m still struggling to understand how I can use node js to make websites.



I have not completed this course but from what I have done of The Complete Node.js Developer Course (2nd Edition)
I would rate a 10/10. I really have zero criticism although I have only done the first 3 hours. I stopped because my focus switched to working on a mobile game but I will 100% go through it once I finish the mobile game. Right now the course has a 4.7 rating after 11,177 ratings and 58,147 students enrolled so it likely does not get worse later on. I also think I was actually recommended the course by someone in a freecodecamp chat but I could be mistaken about that.

I did a quick google search for the course on this site and here is one guy’s reply.