Node/Mongo Quickstart Tool -- Docker

Node/Mongo Quickstart Tool -- Docker


Hey all,

I was getting frustrated with the mongo workspace options, both online and in local setups.

THEREFORE, I created this, which should get you up and running with node.js and mongodb in about five minutes with two commands:

It should be cross-platform and work in a variety of setups, but I’ll happily take feedback about any problems it has!


This project looks interesting, glad to see campers learning about Docker. Learning to set these things up on your own is still important but this might be a nice kick-starter for new developers to get started learning faster :slight_smile:


Yeah definitely – I didn’t come up with this project as a way to replace understanding of the plumbing, just as a quick-start for lessons that were about topics other than installation and setup. Think of it as a codepen for node., if you will.