North Austin Meeup!

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Topic : Learn Float, flexbox, grid by building an image gallery
Prerequisite : HTML & CSS

Meet us at the 2nd floor/upstairs in the glass community room or a booth nearby if that’s full or being used! :clap: :tada:

I have a little paper sign that says “FreeCodeCamp”.

See you there!

Is this meetup just on Tuesday for this week? I would love to come but not sure I can make it tonight!

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It used to be on Thursdays but to engage more people, we decided to move to Tuesday nights.

We will stick with this schedule for now. I hope you can make it next time :slight_smile:

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OK sounds good. I can’t make it tonight but it’s on the calendar for the weeks to come. Thanks for putting this together!

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You welcome! Hope to see you soon :+1:

Didn’t realize you guys moved to Tuesdays! We might consider moving the Downtown meetup to Thursday then.

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Hey, thanks for dropping by :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t think it will matter if we hold the meetups on the same time since we are at different locations. Don’t feel obliged to move to a different day, unless you want to visit ours :wink:

There are a few of us that want to potentially go to both some weeks! I personally don’t mind switching the days up, but I’ll check with our attendees too and keep you posted.

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