Not signed in when I go to curriculum page

Not signed in when I go to curriculum page


When I logged in takes me to a new welcome page*. But when I go to curriculum, I am not signed in. When I try to sign in it takes me again to the welcome page and the same thing happened again and again. I’m trapped in a loop there.

*Please note that I am not a new member even it takes me to a welcome page.


Have you used to authenticate to the old site by github credentials?


yes, I used GitHub…


Since u have asked about Github. I try it with my email. Its working now. Thank you. :+1:


Me too. Think there is an issue after you login with other auth methods other then direct email and get auth code by email. I f you ask for the code and enter it from the email you are receiving you will be there all the time unless you logout


Yes I got a code. Anyway nice to code in here again. Happy coding! And thanks again.


Welcome back and happy coding.