On Cognitive Enhancement (tips, tricks, suggestions)

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Ketogenic diets are effective for weight loss. However, I wouldn’t suggest doing it if your goal is increased learning efficiency.

Really @DanStockham? Why wouldn’t you recommend Ketogenic diet for cognitive enhancement? I could go tit for tat with the science on it all day.

Basically, when you’re body is metabolising fat, it turns the fat into ketone-bodies, which float around and do the same thing as glucose: feed EVERYTHING. Including your brain.

But ketones aren’t just an alternative fuel, they’re a better fuel. Ketones in your brain are no exception.

Google “ketogenic diet cognitive” and see what comes up. It’s not just me talking about it! I weight 180lbs at 6’4’’, and have never done Keto for weight loss. I have ONLY done it for cognitive benefits lol. I started about 10 months ago, after a period of intensive research on what I was about to put my body through.

Because what difference would it make compared to a well-balanced diet?

The way I understand it is that it comes down to blood sugar levels throughout the day. If you eat three slices of birthday cake with a pint of ice cream, you’re blood sugar is going to spike at enormous levels. Because of that, the body has to regulate the blood sugar back down to a normal level through the release of insulin.

It does a pretty good job doing that based on the fact you’re healthy. But it does such a good job, your blood sugar levels dip below normal. Thus you get the tired, lethargic feeling that comes with hypoglycemic rebound.

It’s hard to learn when you’re tired and constantly wanting to take a nap. Let alone trying to code a solution to a difficult problem.

Ketogenic diets are meant to keep the blood sugar levels relatively low, forcing the body to generate glucose from glycogen or generating ketones. However, if you’re maintaining your blood sugar levels through a well balanced diet through exchanging some of your breads and sweets with vegetables and complex carbs, you’re going to be more alert and less tired. Thus, more conducive to learning.

Sorry for the late response.

No one mentioned green tea? Quite a few studies, like this one, found that it benefits brain function. I love me some Japanese green tea in the afternoon.