Online Offers Helpful to Web Developer Students

Online Offers Helpful to Web Developer Students


If you find someone is offering FREE Online goodies that would be helpful to the FreeCodeCamp community please add them here.


Just came across this offer from SitePoint and BitBucket, Get a Free Year of SitePoint Premium Thanks to Atlassian.

One FREE year of SitePoint Premium. This includes unlimited downloads of 78 ebooks, 66 courses and over 150 screencasts on web development and design.

Unlimited public and private repositories at Bitbucket to host the personal and professional projects you’re building, completely free.

MAY 16 2016 - UPDATE****** @iheartkode has reported this offer has now expired…

May 18 2016 - UPDATE****** @akshaynaik404 has reported it is being offered once again!!


You can check daily for free books from Packt Publishing at


There’s GitHub for Students, you get many benefits.


Please provide the link to the offer @Oxyrus .



@Oxyrus Thanks! Wow, what an offer. Unfortunately I don’t thing most of us will meet the Eligibility Requirements. However for the FreeCodeCamp students enrolled at a recognized degree or diploma granting course of study it would be an exceptional offer to get ones hands on.

Have you or anyone else here been able to get this as a FreeCodeCamp student?


I’m studying CS so I was able to get it, maybe you could email them and see.


@Oxyrus thanks, I took your suggestion but no luck. For one thing you need to be able to provide an email address belonging to the domain of an approved school, which I could not do. Really too bad, the resources of the Github for Students program are excellent if you can qualify. Oh well, I did at least get to take advantage of the free year of SitePoint Premium which is pretty nice also…


Microsoft offers few freebies like pluralsight 6 month trial, azure hosting i think as well and few more.


Hello @Oxyrus . Thanks for this post i emailed them once almost a year and half ago and forgot about it because i changed my email address. Now when i logged in to Github Education site, it says i am eligible for the pack. Thanks once again.


@val-alexeev Thanks for the heads-up, I was able to activate a free account using my Windows Live account. Its full of goodies!


30 free days to access video2brain/ in french or german languages. you need a paypal account or a credit card but before the end of the month you could stop the membership. the link wacom 30 days free


this is no longer available


@iheartkode That’s a Bummer! I received a confirmation email this morning and received my one year subscription, so I just barely got in under the wire. I’ll update my original post so no one else wastes their time.

Thanks for posting the update…


me too. just recieved.


Congrats @akshaynaik404 I was thinking no one else got in before it closed. I’m delighted to see I was mistaken…


I have claimed this offer today, with my university Email.


Thanks for sharing the news.


Github for Students? If so, excellent! Its really is too bad everyone here didn’t have some way to claim it… I would have loved to. This may be something for the FCC ‘brass’ to see if they could gain for us. Maybe awarded after getting the first certificate to prove that they are a serious student.