Opinions for my Random quote generator

Opinions for my Random quote generator



Nice styling but the text is not easy to read. Also the Tweet of the quote has some html tags in it.


Personally I think the styling looks elegant.

Though I might say from a design/code point of view I see at least part of the assignment includes the use of an API, rather than canned quotes. It is not ‘strictly’ listed as one of the user stories for this assignment, but I’d make sure you knew how to do it if someone asked you.


There is definitely no requirement to use an API for this particular project. There are many other later projects where you must, but not this one.


Randell is more the authority here so then I defer. I think it looks pretty good then-- Personally,


Thank you guys for your opinions. :grinning:


Yup, Need to work on that. Thanks :smiley:


Thanks :smiley: I need to learn more about API, I’m just a beginner. Sure will do :smiley: