Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


definitely agree with you @Mozar10- what I actually enjoyed about learning React and D3 was that there was no curriculum - only projects… forced me to learn it by building…


The first batch of tests for the new tribute page project is quite counter-intuitive. The batch test expects you to use only divs, when the exercises previous to it teach you not to use divs, and use the HTML5 semantic tags instead.
I’m not sure if this is by design though, but i’m reporting here just in case. Also the example tribute page doesn’t pass the last test.


I propose to do the background Ergonomic.
Rest for the eyes.
I like this concept.


Hi all,
Just one thing I’m in part : ‘Applied responsive web design project’ in beta version.
In all projects no video is readable, a bug in my home ? or it’s them for all ?

Thanks by advance


I can’t wait to get into the beta and thanks for your continued development of FCC.


At a glance it looks like a much more comprehensive build up before the projects hit. I think that will be a big plus for those in unfamiliar territory. Keep up the good work.


This list looks awesome!! It goes into more depth in each category.
Would definitely want to get my hands dirty with all those when it is live. :smiley:


give this a read:


Hi all,

I have finished all challenges until “Your Responsive Web Design Certificate” since this night (in France).
Have you problem with freecodecamp Beta ?

I can’t see my certificate. Each time I click on " Show me my profil public" I have this Alert : “Oops! Something went wrong. Please try again later”

Can you tell me where is my certificate normaly, in a public profil ? I can’t see
anything anywhere

I Know is beta but I think I will be abble to see my certificate !? Or no !?



Hi, sorry I’m getting confused. I already got the frontend Certificate… but I’m really excited about all the new things that the curriculum has to offer and want to jump back in. I know i can reuse some of the projects I submitted from the original site which is great. I know that there are now new certificates which is also great. What about my old certificate? Will it be retained? I actually used it on my linked-in page. Not that I’m applying for anything. Was just wondering if the online certificate will magically disappear one day? I know certificates are not as important as what we ACTUALLY KNOW… but just call me sentimental…It marked a milestone for me at least after all the toiling against those crazy but amazing javascript algorithms. Actually one of the reasons why I stopped freeCodeCamp. I heard about the beta. So I figured if it was worth continuing with the current curriculum or just waiting for the new beta… since I might lose the current certificates anyway? So to summarize:

  1. When the beta goes live (on a different site url)… do I keep my old certificate? or will I have to work for it again (resubmitting my old projects and doing the new extra ones)? thanks.


Any certificates you’ve already gotten before the beta goes live will still be valid. So you can continue to link to your Frontend certificate on LinkedIn.

Quincy talks about the certificates [in an interview with Coding Tutorials 360] (https://youtu.be/Mxos6GZKW1A?t=831).


Please document the error and open an issue on GitHub: https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues


Ok, but just one thing
Can you tell me where is my certificate normaly, ?


https://www.freecodecamp.com/Parad0xJ, in between your brownie points and your streak statistics.


That is not for beta version my friends . it’s my normal profil on freeCodeCamp all work in freeCodeCamp no beta .
Idont have certificate on freeCodeCamp no Beta.

The probleme it’s with beta version.

So I understand, certificate is in profil and profil is not accessible with your beta version



Should be accesible like this: http://beta.freecodecamp.com/en/<username>, or just click the icon (+ brownie points) on the top right.

EDIT: But it seems like no certificates are displayed…


Yes “should be”, but that don’t work actually.
I’m always redirected to map. It’s probably a bug
it’s too bad, my first certificate and I don’t see him :wink:

Edit : bug is confirmed,I have open issue on github —> https://github.com/freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp/issues/13432

Thanks for your answers


Added a UI/UX issue and found one already open for a challenge not accepting code in != Chrome.


Hi, all. Just FYI, and I’m not sure if you’re aware already and working on it, but your ES6 section is missing generator functions.


@QuincyLarson Will there be advance warning (say 30 days) before the switch is made? Or will we just wake up one morning and find it all different? :slight_smile:

For those of us using the completion of existing certificates as an additional motivation, it would be nice to have some advance warning.

BTW, the beta looks awesome!