Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it

Our expanded curriculum is now live on beta.freecodecamp.com and we need your help QA'ing it


Eventually I’ll peer-pressure you into buying stickers.


Not joking.


I’m guessing that the “dropout” rate will also be a lot lower now that it’s broken up into smaller pieces. The new curriculum is awesome, and I’m loving the beta version. I mean, it covers SO MUCH more than the current curriculum. I think people are just hung up on the words “Front End Certificate” and “Back End Certificate”


The Basic Node and Express: Meet the Node console has an issue. It refuses to pass me. Or is there any other method to log Hello World to the console?


I have no idea why my solutions aren’t passing. It seems like I don’t know HTML anymore


Completely agree.

I am 4 projects to finish everything and it would be sad not to be able to finish them just because the curriculum is changed

It even occurred to me to mark the missing projects as done with an empty link and finish them later.
But I do not think it’s right to do that.


Oh ok - thanks for answering my question - so I need to sign up for a new account on beta? - Jessi


Will our completed challenges in FFC role over to the beta or at least to the full new version when the beta is complete?


I had not known they were thinking of doing away with the Front End and Back End Certs - or having them under a different name… how does that affect those who already have one or more of the certs - like myself? I am all in favor of keeping the Front End and Back End Certs - I’m looking into this now…


I have a question or two about this too - may have already been answered and I just haven’t seen it yet…

When you push these to production - will it affect the progress we’ve already made in regular FCC? Sounds like all of our progress in the regular FCC (non-beta) will be saved - is that right?

Also, I saw something about doing away with the Front End and Back End Dev certs in favor of something else - I wondered how that affects those who already have one or more of the certs… my sister and I both already have the Front End Dev cert and don’t want to lose it.

I’m excited to see the new challenges - I really appreciate everything you all are doing to expand FCC for all of your students!

Thanks so much.

Sincerely, Jessi


I want to know about this too :slight_smile:


I agree with this - I currently have the Front End Development certificate already - I’m also wondering if we’ll still have these existing certs in our profile when the new site goes live.


I agree its still important to have the Front End and Back End certs - just for the reasons you mention. - Jessi


This is good to know - I was wondering and asking the same.


@QuincyLarson I joined with Github and then went to add my email address and it said “something went wrong please try again later”



Hi - I just had a quick question…where does the new FCC curriculum leave campers (like me) who have earned the Front-End cert and are in the middle of completing the current React.js and D3.js projects?

I see that the D3 projects seem to be the same, but for example, I’m currently working on the Game of Life, but I don’t see it in the beta curriculum.

I’m also among those who haven’t done back-end yet…how will that work out for those who haven’t done Node.js and any back-end projects?

Thank you in advance, Candis W.


No, don’t sign up for a new acct on the beta version…I don’t think from reading other posts that it keeps progress. :slight_smile:


Okay sounds good - thanks for letting me know! I’ll just wait then :thumbsup: :heart: :relaxed:


Currently I am in the near-end stages of Front End Development. It has been a long road so far, and I don’t want to lose all that progress when the changes go live. How will my effort be preserved in terms of what I should do?


A question about the update

Thanks for posting these replies all together :slight_smile: It answers some of my questions. With such a long thread, it was more difficult to keep track of everyones replies…