Out of interest

Out of interest


How long did it take people to get fairly comfortable coding in Javascipt & using other tools etc?

I feel comfortable enough with HTML and CSS, but seeing lines and lines of Javascript I still feel a bit taken aback and feel a bit overwhelmed. I know there is a long way to go as I’ve only been learning for about a month in total, but would be keen to get other people’s experiences. Thanks!


The question is really subjective and doesn’t help you in any way.

Some people started with experience in other languages would tell you that the finished in a couple of weeks. Some people with less experience would tell you that they finished the section in a month. Some people with no programming and computing experience can also finish in a month if they are used to thinking logically. And some people who are not too used to it take a couple of months. Some just simply never finish and eventually give up.

Just focus on getting through it and get things built—once you have built something successfully you will feel better about yourself because you will then have something tangible to hang onto and show other people.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


I’ve found immersion works better for me, tutorials quickly getting tiring and you lose motivation , while working on projects using javascript as the language is easier for me. As for being overwhelmed learn little by little going through too much content too much at once can cause you to end up getting nothing done.


I was gonna answer this…then I remembered I already did months ago! i.e. You are not alone in feeling this way…so much so that I can just link to my old answer :slight_smile:


Don’t rush ahead because you think you’re not learning fast enough. Take your sweet time. It’s not enough to just do the JS exercises, you have to read the accompanying explanations. The foundations for JS are really important; they really are the building blocks of everything you’ll encounter forward. Every plug-in and framework you’ll encounter onward are just different re-arrangements of the basics.

Stuff like “this is called a function” or “this is an object” might sound insignificant but it’s something you really need to drill in your head. Later on when you’re reading documentations you’ll be thankful when you understand exactly what they mean when they say a ‘method takes an object as a parameter.’

Slowly push forward, embrace the headaches and insomnia, and you’ll get there eventually.


I have been working at JS for 6 months now .I have to admit there is a lot of satisfaction in it when you get things done but it does get annoying sometimes so don’t give because eventually it will be very rewarding in the end when you get a job.


I’m learning Javascript as well and I’ve begun to think it is probably similar to learning real languages. If you took a two-week course in Spanish, you would be able to order a coffee and ask where the station is, but you wouldn’t be able to have a conversation about philosophy. Similarly, with Javascript, if you don’t know the words yet, you can’t expect to understand stuff beyond your current level. As you go on though, you should hopefully learn more grammar and vocabulary and begin to understand stuff that would have left you lost at first. Then there’s the things I’m beginning to see as accent and colloquialisms - stuff like functional programming and using ternary operator grammar instead of “if” - so the metaphor seems to work ok. The bottom line though is just keep practising and learning and you should get somewhere in the end.


Jobs are very rewarding I’m still learning so not ready to apply let. As for learning though find ways to focus :slight_smile: