Padding messing up my navbar buttons?

Padding messing up my navbar buttons?


So, I’m almost done with the portfolio, and got my navbar to be fixed on the top but I’m running into a problem.

Since I added about 100px to the body, I think my navbar buttons (home, portfolio, and contact) also off by about 100px so they don’t land quite exactly I want. I was wondering how I can fix this?


The nav looks ok to me.


I meant when you click the buttons. It does takes you slightly lower than where you want it. I was wondering how I could fix that.


Give each of the other sections a padding-top equivalent to the height of the navbar plus a little.


I already had a padding-top on body, but I changed it to the specific sections and it seemed to work out. Thanks so much!

Do you think I need to add anything else for now? It looks a little bit barren to me, even if I know it should be.


I would make the images a bit smaller. In my mind, less is actually more when it comes to design. I like a clean, minimalist look


I agree, but I purposely made the images big so I could see the if the buttons worked. If I get anything to put in there, I will definitely make it smaller. Thanks for the help and the advice!