Page is Frozen on Smallest Common Multiple

Page is Frozen on Smallest Common Multiple


I’m trying to solve the SCM algorithm and I’m stuck in an infinite loop. The web page won’t let me do anything, even when I close it and reopen it. I can’t show you my code because after 3 seconds of being on the web page, it freezes and is completely unresponsive. Are there any administrators that can help me by resetting this challenge? Sorry about this, I thought I was being careful but I screwed up.



You have created an infinite loop.
FCC uses an infinite loop protection, but it can’t catch every case.
The reason that your browser crashes every time you try to load the challenge is because the code in your editor automatically runs. Try disabling auto run.
Another option is to clear the challenge data from your browser cache.


Or just delete everything that is in the editor ctrl+a and del or ctrl+x if you know what’s causing the infinite loop fix it in another editor and paste it back it in the editor. It worked for me.


Hello everyone, sorry for the late reply. Thank you all for the tips. Coincidentally, after FCC admin fixed the authentication issue earlier today the infinite loop was fixed too. I’ll keep all of your advices in mind if/when I get stuck in an infinite loo[s again. Thanks again!