(Part 4) Seeking eager campers to join FCC cohort

(Part 4) Seeking eager campers to join FCC cohort


NOTE: Hello everyone! Thanks to all who applied! We are closing applications for the February cohorts now. If you commented on this thread before this message you are definitely still free to send an email if you haven’t already.

For those that saw this a little too late - don’t worry! We will be putting a call for the March cohorts in about 3-4 weeks so keep your eyes out. :wink:

Hello ambitious learners!

Campers have sent emails to join a cohort, so here we opening them up again :smile: .

What is the cohort all about?

We’re like a web-dev gym that helps campers learn more, feel less frustrated/overwhelmed and ultimately: to help with getting a job. Mainly, the cohort is a collection of smaller groups of people who share the same goals. You’ll be in a group with people all over the world working on FCC together, as well as get some experience working on group projects, pair programming and a new thing we’re trying out is having accountability buddies. Friendships, level-ups and hijinks ensue. Some motivation for when you burnout as well. You can find out more about the cohorts here: https://tropicalchancer.github.io/projectus/

We’ve also got some study-groups for the YDKJS books and @P1xt Guides. It’s hard to tell at any given moment, but we’ve currently got somewhere between 5-10 ongoing larger projects on the go. A few of our past projects: a Coding Scavenger/Puzzle Hunt (warning it’s a bit hard): https://chuzzlehunt.herokuapp.com, Pear - Tinder for Projects(ongoing): https://github.com/mmhansen/pear, and for fun, a New Years video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQ82dreEaXU. Also, here’s a project a member was inspired to create after a group project: Duma - Word of the Day app (by @l-emi) : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duma/mamoofifhahehmokjnkpdkoojkcliimc

To apply, send an email to [email protected] and/or comment here by February 12th. The cohort will begin February 17th.

Note: To ensure quality we will be making 2 new cohorts and only accepting 45 for each this time.

Got my cohort email!
Who else is looking forward to the March Cohort?

I’ve got a possibly silly question for those already in a cohort: who do you fit that into your FCC work? I’m doing my best to get as much done for the FCC projects and was wondering how and if I could also join a cohort on top of it all…


Hi! I am going to send you an email!


Awesome! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Should be a big help. Definitely worth checking out.


I have been part of this cohort system for several months and I confirm that it is extremely helpful. Smaller groups slowly become great friends and help on every trouble or hurdle you have in your path to code. Cohorts are also great to get more social interaction and much larger network with several developers from beginners to experts. Another positive part is that there are special events like Puzzle day, pair programming weekend etc. I love being part of chingu cohorts and recommend everyone to join in :heart: :slight_smile:


Hi again @timotheap:smile: ! That’s a good question - the cohorts are mainly meant to help accelerate your FCC work. As an example, a few days ago someone made a group for people who are working on one of the algorithm sections. So now there’s a small group of 8 or so who are working on “daily algorithms” together.

The extra projects portion is mainly to help accelerate campers chances of getting a job, as working on interesting team projects helps a lot with that we’ve found, but they are completely voluntary.


Ok I’m definitely swaying - it’s just that I’d hate slowing down people if I don’t give enough input - or take a place that someone would “deserve” more (not looking for a pep talk, I think you understand what I mean!)

Thanks a lot for organizing that !


Sent you an email. Thanks for this.


Hi! I sent you an email about joining the cohert. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thanks for organizing this. Email sent!


No problem @Tan-Moy. Also, love the profile pic!


Ha Ha, I love it too. :wink:


@tropicalchancer I would like to join. Please put me down.



Sent you an email. Looking forward to your reply.


@tropicalchancer Looking forward to this challenge, I will be e-mailing you soon about joining a cohort with similar minded folks, thanks for putting this together.


I’m interested! I just discovered the @P1xt guide and started reading YDKJS today! I’m very motivated to learn since I’m trying to do a career change and I love to learn how to code every chance I get since I started. Hell, I gotta wake up in 5 hours for work, but I can’t get my mind off coding right now.


I was a member of the original Foxes cohort. Not the Arctic-foxes which you will hear about/interact with, but the very first “original” foxes. The experience has been fantastic. I’m now in the Red-pandas, and it is a privilege to be a member. I get to be around people who are all, for the most part much more knowledgeable and skilled than I am, and I get to learn from them! Just being around some of these conversations, will make you level up in almost miraculous ways. I can go on and on, but if you WANT this (if you don’t know what this is, you don’t want it) then this will at the very least, be the greatest complementary aid to help you attain your FCC certificate!


I’m in ! woohoooh ! :muscle:
[edit: I mean I want to join, not I’m in]


Hi, I’d like to join too. Thanks!


Hi, I’m interesting in joining a FCC cohort!

Especially one focused on this P1xt guide