(Part 5) Seeking eager campers to join cohorts!

(Part 5) Seeking eager campers to join cohorts!


EDIT - Notice: New cohorts will be starting June 9th!!

Hello ambitious coders!

I’ve been getting some more messages asking how to join the cohorts and realized we haven’t made a call for people interested in joining since January (sorry), so here we go! :smile:

What is the cohort all about?
We’re like a web-dev gym that helps campers learn more, feel less frustrated/overwhelmed and ultimately: to help with getting a job. Mainly, the cohort is a collection of smaller groups of people who share the same goals. You’ll be in a group with people all over the world working on FCC together, as well as the opportunity to get some remote dev team experience working on projects and pair programming. We have a strong emphasis on diving into remote dev collaboration. :slight_smile:

We’ve also have some study/support-groups, including one for the P1xt Study Guides and the recently started FCC SPEEDRUN challenge (a group of people getting out for their comfort zone to finish as many FCC projects in a 4 week timeline)!

You can apply and find out more about the cohorts here: https://chingu-cohorts.github.io/chingu-directory/. Also, feel free to leave a comment here so I can confirm who has applied (there have been mixups before).

Suggestion to increase user activity at FCC

Simply the best place to be if you want to sharpen every part of your skill set as an upcoming developer!!!


I’ve applied! Looking forward to it.


Oh this is perfect thanks!!! I was looking for more info about the cohorts and here it is!!! Im so deep in with the YDKJS books at the moment and wanna get some other personal stuff taken care of before pop on. Really excited though…cant wait to join in!


I just applied! I hope I can do well, even with my crazy work schedule!


I’ve heard about cohorts and always wanted to join… but, as @GSotelo says, I’m a bit worried about my full schedule in the next months.
But, that’s it. I’ll try this time.
[No matter… just seen the link with all the answers :slight_smile: ]
Can I ask you if I have to write a preference and which is the basic level required?
I’m really interested in part-time beaver cohort but know nothing about data science.
Thank you.


I definitely recommend joining! It has helped my coding journey so much! The Chingu cohorts provide a comfortable and welcoming community within the FCC community. My favorite part is hearing about other people, like me, being hired as developers. In addition to that, I’ve learned so much from other members about useful resources and advice for teaching myself how to code.

I highly suggest applying!


There usually isn’t a basic level. They simply ask that you have time to dedicate to it and that you’re motivated to learn! :slight_smile:


Looks interesting! I have gone into the red panda (not sure if I’m supposed to do something else to be part of the FCC group). Thanks a lot for the invite!


Applied to the Red Panda group!

As a heads up, the Flamingo link isn’t working in Chrome, and I couldn’t get the site to open at all in IE.


Yeah, it looks like the URL for the Flamingos button has an extra “h” at the beginning (“hhttp”).


thanks for reaching out and pointing that out @anthom and @kieris! :pray:

The flamingo URL is fixed!


I’ve seen the page this morning but I couldn’t apply to one specific group… can I?
Anyway, I’ve already send the surveys. I’d have liked to choose the effort (part-time).


No worries @Aloap I just made a note for the part-time :+1:


Just applied. I’m available full-time right now so I would love to do a project with an active group. This sound fun :smile:


Got accepted, starting on the 5th oof may. Super excited cannot wait


Applied for cohort. Hope I’ll get a message soon!



hey @counterculture! Once you’ve filled out the survey, nothing else you have to do. :slight_smile:


yeah i did fill it out, thanks!