(PART 7) Seeking eager campers to join Voyage cohort! (AKA gain team developer experience)

(PART 7) Seeking eager campers to join Voyage cohort! (AKA gain team developer experience)


Here we go!


My overall experience with the cohort is good. I have learnt a great deal but the experience with my team has not been great. I am more inclined to not join this time but the next after more studying :slight_smile:


I’m currently on Voyage 6. Not sure if we’re gonna finish on time or need to carry over, but I’m interested in Voyage 7 either way. I’ve had a good experience thus far.


Sounds awesome, I just signed up. Thanks for the opportunity!


Sounds good Fabien! Also just sent you a message in the cohort! :slight_smile:


Sounds good Nick!


Thanks good sir! They are a joy to help organize :rocket:


I have just applied for a place on one of the projects. Thank you for your consideration.


Hey :sunny:

I’ve just applied ! Thanks for this opportunity :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know! p.s. nice profile pic!


Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:


Hello! i have never heard about coding cohorts, but it sounds promising.

As i figured out, these cohorts are small teams working on open-source projects, where main goals are to learn and to gain experience in teamwork. Am i right? :sweat_smile:

Are there kind of skill/knowledge requirements for people who wants to join the cohort? I have some doubt, should i join now or maybe i need to learn more and join another start? How to examine self-readiness for joining?

My questions may seem dumb or trolling, but i am serious, i am not new to FCC, but about teamwork/open-source projects seems i am at square one and cohorts are very new for me. Thanks.


Hey @keith1111!

Great questions! I’m about to start work so I’ll do a quick answer now and a longer answer later when finished.

In short, our requirements are less about skill and more about finding people who are committed to learning, open to collaborating with others, and have some grit to make it through the challenges that come with working in a dev team for the first time. We put together teams that range from building a simple landing page (beginners) to teams building full-stack applications to create impact (advanced), so the skill level can range, but there is a certain level of grit necessary.


Back now. My recommendation would be to apply and we can assess from there to see what would be the best fit. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask! :slight_smile:


Hi @tropicalchancer! I’m very interested in joining a cohort, but it’s only been a week since I started learning HTML/CSS. I’m planning on waiting until a week before the deadline to reassess where I am. Any idea when the next cohort will be? That would really help me out in making my decision. Thanks!


Hi @rishabhkariyana! The next cohort will start in early February. :rocket:


I should’ve been clear, I meant after the February cohort.


Oh my bad! The Voyage we will launch in February will be Voyage-4 and Voyage-5 will be launched in April or May. :slight_smile:


Hi! I applied as a coder, but I would be very happy as a designer as well. Should I do a separate application for a designer position?


Hi @innaleikina!

Happy to hear it! No worries, I’ll add it to your application now :slight_smile: