Personal Portfolio: Learning has occurred!

Personal Portfolio: Learning has occurred!


Well after numerous hours, coffee, and frustration plus the struggle of getting my nav buttons to actually navigate. I have finally finished the portfolio project. While its nothing special, I did the best I could with the knowledge I had.

My Portfolio

Any feedback is more than welcome. Thanks for taking a look.



Introduction says “Free Camp Code”


I noticed the nav bar has a transparent background, which means that you can end up with a pretty messy overlap:


Thanks for that! I have fixed the wording.



Good point, I was debating alot with the nav bar having a transparent background, I’ll work on fixing that.



I think you missed a user story.

I can see thumbnail images of different projects the portfolio creator has built


Yup, just realized that too, dang. I get just the thumbnail image in project1 spot. Thanks for the heads up!



Thanks for that, I updated the thumbnail. Could you take a look and see if that’s better. It looks better to me, but I’m biased, lol.



It breaks on mobile :frowning: A quick fix is by adding class="container-fluid" to the Projects section and removing its height property.

This could be helpful


Ah!:scream: Ok, I’ve nested the “container-fluid” class in the first Div under the project section and removed the height property. This project was more difficult than first imagined. Thanks for all the help.