Personal portfolio website feedback

Personal portfolio website feedback

Hello everyone!

I prefer not to create another topic, but it’s the best way I can get the most feedback on my page ( hopefully :slight_smile: ) . The page is really simple, needs a lot more content, which I will obviously update as I progress on my coding and projects, just wanted a feedback mainly on its code as at times I think I’m a bit lost.

Codepen link -

Thank you in advance guys!


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Your page looks really good. The only improvement in code I could think of was with your CSS for the font awesome images. They all share the class “fa”, so instead of applying background: black; color: white; to each and every one, just apply those attributes to the fa class:

.fa {
  background: black;
  color: white;

Best of luck and keep up the good work!



Thanks man, good point, already adjusted. :wink: