PigLatin challenge - partly works, but getting error with certain words RESOLVED

PigLatin challenge - partly works, but getting error with certain words RESOLVED


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For some reason, my code for the pig latin challenge works except with california. What I don’t understand is if I send california to the function, it calls a TypeError: str.join is not a function (it works with all the other words in the challenge). But if I change the str.join(’’) to str.join(’ ') after submitting california, I don’t get the error. (However it returns aliforniacay with spaces).

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Thank you!

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function translatePigLatin(str) {
	var key = ['a','e','i','o','u'];	
	str = str.split('');

	//check to see if first letters of string is a vowel
	for (var i = 0; i < str.length; i++){
		if(str[0] === key[i]){	

	//if vowels are at the begining, just add way to the end
	str = str.join('');
	str += 'way';			
	return str;

	//if there are up to 3 consanants at the beginning of the string
	for (var j = 0; j < key.length; j++){

		if(str[1] === key[j]){	
		} else if (str[2] === key[j]){

		} else if (str[3] === key[j]){


	//move all consonants from the beginning to end of string		
	function convertPiglatin(num){	

		str = str.join('');
		var newStr = str.slice(0,num);
		var strLength = str.length;
		str = str.substr(num, strLength);

		str = str + newStr + 'ay';		
  return str;


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Run your code through Python tutor. That should help you.


Thanks @JohnnyBizzel! That helped a ton - I added break; to my for loop and it solved the problem.



Looks like the first time str passes through your convertPigLatin function, it’s an array, so the join function works just fine. But the second time through, str is a string, which is why the join function fails.


Thanks @JaceyBennett! I had to put a break; in the for loop to stop it. Sure appreciate you taking a look!