Pizza Survey! Project Feedback/Thoughts

Pizza Survey! Project Feedback/Thoughts


Thanks for checking out my post. Just finished up my first project used flexbox for the layout and have media query to make it responsive! Please let me know what you think!

Thanks again!


Put checkboxes and radios under their respective questions. Also decrease width of textarea of no more than submit button, also make it a little bit higher(textarea).


Thanks for the feedback! I made some changes based on what you suggested. Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!


Not bad. You don’t need that yellow container to be so wide. Maybe 50%, 60 … Change body background color to something different, but keep background color purple behind pizza letter and slice. Incorporate letters and slice similar to this:

Instead these words put slice and inscription you already got and keep your color scheme except body color since same body color and survey form color will melt together…


Smooth, as a user I’d not recognize anything design-wise, which speaks for the quality of it.