Please critique my Wikipedia Viewer assignment

Please critique my Wikipedia Viewer assignment


Hello :
There has been quite a delay in finishing this one. Some of the things that I tried in this assignment are :

  • Used Promise to make the call to wikipedia service
  • Display spinner while data is fetched from the service and added to the results div.
  • No js library used all code in core javascript
  • Option to choose languages other than English
  • Used gulp for local building
  • Used display: grid to show the results.
  • Mobile first



Looks good!

It would be nice if the return key searched for the typed item. Searches that would return no results don’t seem to load for me…“adadayyeyytyryhrgfh” just keeps spinning and doesn’t return anything.


Thanks for taking time. I have updated the code to make the user aware of a search that yield no result. Please take a look again. Thanks in advance.



Looks good, the nothing found option works.