Please give feedback on Dog Shoes :D Product Landing Page

Please give feedback on Dog Shoes :D Product Landing Page


Hey Guys,

I have finished my Product landing page and please give me your feedback. And, the logo? I tried a lot but why can’t I make it in center? Any suggestions please.

Thanks very much in advance :smiley:


The page layout and concept is great. But there are a few improvements that I would suggest:

  1. To center the logo add the following code snippet to your css.
.main-container {
  display: flex;
  flex-direction: column;
  justify-content: center;
  align-items: center;

This will center most of the elements on your page, but the navbar will be moved to the right by a lot. To correct this, just add ‘left: 0;’ to your ‘#navbar’ css code. Appropriate changes will have to be made in the media queries to adjust for this change. You might also have to add a bit of top margin to the footer.

  1. Add a placeholder value like ‘Enter your comment here…’ for the textarea element as it looks a bit empty in its current state.

  2. There is a mismatch in the base line of the images in the product section. I am assuming it was unintentional.

    Also the center image expands disproportionately to one side on hover leaving unequal whitespace on the right side.

Hope this helps you.



Thank you very much for your feedback.

I will try the code you have suggested.

Also, the pictures, actually they are all different sizez and I thought that’s why tehy weren’t looking same.

Is teher a way? Which I don’t understand I can make tehm look in the same size?

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


To make all the pictures the same sizes, you’ll have to use absolute units to define their width and height and adjust these parameters in media queries.

.product-detail {
  width: 30%;
  height: 400px;

Another way around this is to change the ‘.product-container .container’ css from flex to a grid with three columns and a row, so that each image occupies all the area in a single cell without extending beyond it.