Please give me feedback on my portfolio!

Please give me feedback on my portfolio!


Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing well. If you can please give me some feedback on my portfolio’s design and code. Any constructive criticism is appreciated :]

I’ll be making more improvements as I learn more!


Good stuff, Justin! I’d suggest thinking about a different shade of red for the navbar. It’s a bit harsh, IMO. The responsive nav button doesn’t work, and clicking the ‘about’ link makes the navbar overlap your name a bit. Also, there’s some inline styles in your HTML, which should get moved to the stylesheet. Lastly, CodePen wants you to include third party scripts and stylesheets via their settings dialog (instructions).


Thanks for the feedback Portable! I changed the shade of red for the nabber to a soft orange (it did look harsh IMO too). I figured out that my code for the navbar wasn’t the issue. I didn’t realize Bootstrap required jquery plugins before but I figured out where to get the CDNs for jquery in order for the button to toggle.