Please give me some feedback on my Tribute Page for Steve Jobs

Please give me some feedback on my Tribute Page for Steve Jobs


Been studying here at FCC for about 2 weeks now switched over from treehouse and I am enjoying it much better!

Anyways here it is:


Nice :thumbsup:

I’d use an <img> tag to display the image.

The text starting from the blockquote is black and invisible.


im confused on what your saying can you please explain more clearly? :grin:


There’s a quote at the bottom, right? It says

“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today?”
-Steve Jobs

but it has nearly the same color as the background. The same thing goes for the little text below it.

Learn more at: Wikipedia


I see what your saying I kinda like it though I think it flows with the page! What colors would you suggest?


Oh, sorry I thought it was that color all along :confounded:. I forgot that I’m viewing this on my screen with reduced brightness. I reset my screen brightness and I can see it now. But you might want to lighten the text color a bit.


Lol yeah I see what your saying on my desktop it looks fine but I pulled it up on my phone and your right it is dark!


I fixed it how does that look?


Yes they’re comfortably visible now :thumbsup:


I feel that its plain though I guess there just isnt much to a tribute page though.


I guess that’s the limit of a black-themed page, but I’m no design expert.


lol neither am I its still sleek though. I thought it would be more of an apple type theme.