Please help! Page don't do nothing but print

Please help! Page don't do nothing but print


Hi! this is my first post in the forum so please excuse me if it’s not on the rigth place.

I have a problem that’s really making me angry, a few days ago I was practicing JS, but when I press Ctrl+Enter, instead of checking the code it opened a window to print the FCC page, I hit the cancel button but it keep appearing like if it where in a loop or something.

I though I was a minor problem and I open a private window and enter FCC and finished the practice, I kept trying to enter every day and whenever I completed a level but the result was the same, I keeps showing me the print window.

I ran the anti virus, antimalware and other programs bucause I though it was a virus or something, but now I don’t know.

Please if this happend to someone I need to know how to solve it.

Thanks for reading !


I think a recent change removed the Ctrl + Enter functionality. I’m not sure if they’ve readded that or reverted the change that caused it.

In the mean time you can just click on the button using your mouse!


I used Ctrl + Enter today and it worked fine.

What’s your operating system and browser?

Have you changed any shortcut keys that you know of for anything recently?


I made mistake in one of the codes. instead of console.log i used windows.print. this now opens he print option each time i log into fcc and i cant move around / get out of this page. please can you remove this line from my code so I can continue


To temporarily disable your code from auto-running, take a look at the following form thread.


Nice one!. thanks ever so much!