Please help with JS calculator...I'm stuck!

Please help with JS calculator...I'm stuck!


I’m trying to figure out how to get my calculator to perform an operation after hitting equal button. For example, 1+2=4 after pressing ‘equal’ to get 4, I want to press ‘+’ and add the result to a number. At this time it would display the ‘+’ sign instead of doing the operation. Also, I would like to allow user to press the key ‘+’ and it displays only once. At the moment, keys like ‘.’, ‘+’ etc…can be displayed multiple times. I’m new at coding. Any help is appreciated. Here’s the link to my code pen.

JS codes below

var show = document.getElementById('display');

var reset = false;
function clear(){
		show.value = '';
		reset = false;

function toScreen(x){
	show.value += x;
	if (x === 'c'){
		show.value = '';

function answer(){
	x = show.value;
	x = eval(x);
	show.value = x;

function power(){
	x = show.value;
	x = eval(x*x);
	show.value = x;

function backspace(){
	var num = show.value;
	var len = num.length-1;
	var newNum = num.substring(0,len);
	show.value = newNum;	

function percent(){
	x = show.value;
	x = eval(x/100);
	show.value = x;

function opposite(){
	var n = show.value;
	n = n * -1;
	show.value = n;

 function sqrt(){
	var number = show.value;
	var ans = Math.sqrt(number);
	if (number < 0) ans="Try Again...";
	show.value = ans;

function pie(){
	var pi = show.value;
	var result = Math.PI;
	show.value = result;

html codes

	<h1>Javascript Calculator</h1>
	<div id = 'calculator'>
		<!--create a form-->
			<input type='text' id='display' disabled>

			<input type='button' value='C' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("c")'>
			<input type='button' value='CE' id='keys' onclick='backspace()'>
			<input type='button' value='x^2' id='keys' onclick='power()'>
			<input type='button' value='+' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("+")'>

			<input type='button' value='9' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("9")'>
			<input type='button' value='8' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("8")'>
			<input type='button' value='7' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("7")'>
			<input type='button' value='-' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("-")'>

			<input type='button' value='6' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("6")'>
			<input type='button' value='5' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("5")'>
			<input type='button' value='4' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("4")'>
			<input type='button' value='*' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("*")'>

			<input type='button' value='3' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("3")'>
			<input type='button' value='2' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("2")'>
			<input type='button' value='1' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("1")'>
			<input type='button' value='/' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("/")'>

			<input type='button' value='0' id='keys' onclick='toScreen("0")'>
			<input type='button' value='.' id='keys' onclick='toScreen(".")'>
			<input type='button' value='=' id='equal' onclick='answer()'>


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