Please rate my Weather App

Please rate my Weather App



I just finished my weather app and I’ll love to hear what you guys think and also how the code can be improved. The link is


Nice job, everything works so I’ll let the more experienced people comment on how you could improve things.

The one thing I would say, and this comes down to personal preference, is that you could save yourself a little typing if you declared all your empty variable on one line like this:
var lat, lon, url, temp, celsius, farenheit, local, weather;


Wow I really like this! Especially the cool background! Great work! I would suggest doing what @Si7summers said though and making all your variables be declared on the same line, aside from that looks perfect too me :).


Great! Thank you guys for the feedback. I have changed the variables declaration and the code looks cleaner now :slight_smile:


You application is good and work well, I like it ))


Nice one, but I thinks it’s not accurate!
It’s giving me 18 degree and sunny, while it’s 8 degree mostly cloudy in the night!


Thank you for the feedback. Actually, I’m facing the same problem when I run the app on my smartphone, for some reason, the says I’m in Chicago, while I’m in São Paulo, Brazil. I believe this is an API bug and I’m looking for another free service to replace it. If you have any tip, I’ll really appreciate that.