Please Review my First Tribute page Project

Please Review my First Tribute page Project


See my tribute page project and please let me know, is there any issues or any improvements which would help me alot.


That’s great! Keep it up.


Please feel free to point any mistakes if I have done, I am learning all on my own.


Ok! Here’s my suggestion, I think it would be great if you could hide some of the contents and later display then onclicks with JavaScript
You can make a navigation pane to display his personal life and achiements like this:

Biography | Personal life | Achievements


Thanks and I’m on it.


great work keep it up and go continues


The idea of the projects is that you code your own from scratch, rather than build on the example project. You may not have copy-pasted the code directly, but it’s similar enough that it seems like you at least referred to the example code while making it. That could be a problem when you apply for the certificate, as it might be seen as plagiarism.

You also don’t have to choose the same subject matter (it can be a tribute to anyone you like).


Thanks sir for the feedback